Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I see George Michael is in the news again. If he keeps this up, the Wham! he'll be hearing will be the sound of prison bars behind him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

angry much?

View this post for a perspective on anger.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

like I said ...

Q: What do the following words have in common?

  • like
  • goes
  • there
  • all

A: They all mean "said" depending on which decade the speaker is in.

The '50s - He said, 'Will you go out with me?' and she said, 'No!'

The '60s - He's like, 'Will you go out with me?' and she's like, 'No!'

The '70s - He goes, 'Will you go out with me?' and she goes, 'No!'

The '80s - He's there, 'Will you go out with me?' and she's there, 'No!'

The '90s - He's all, 'Will you go out with me?' and she's all, 'No!'

What do they say in the '00s?

Maybe "He goes all there like, 'Will you go out with ...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


If there's one valuable lesson I've learned over the years, it's CYB. That's right, CYB. CYB has helped me through many a disagreement with my boss, my wife and other relatives, and even with friends and other acquaintances.

I figure that without CYB, I would not be in the better place I am now. CYB has kept me from getting into heated arguments I'd probably lose, from probably losing my job, my family, my home, my friends, and who knows whatever else.

I would recommend CYB to anyone. There is not a soul on this earth who could not benefit from CYB.

Yes, CYB. I'm a big supporter. CYB. "Choose Your Battles."

Look into CYB - I encourage you. It will change your life.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

tender ears

After reading this post from one of my fave bloggers regarding creative expletives, it reminds me of an aunt who was blessed with the ability to break out into song immediately after uttering the first word of an outburst in order to recover before offending "tender ears."

After dropping a frying pan on her foot: "GOD ... bless America! Land that I looooove ..."

Or after finding a favored vase broken in her living room, (don't ask about that one,) "JESUS ... loves the little chill-DREN ..."