Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still Another Neither Brunette nor Redhead Joke

So this big important CEO of a very well known corporation receives an envelope marked Confidential: To be opened only by the Addressee. After reading the contents, he realizes that were this information to leak out, it could spell the end of the corporation.

He puts the documents back in the confidential envelope and hand delivers it to his neither brunette nor redhead assistant and says, "Kandi, I want you to go to the copy room and shred this immediately!" She darts off while he rushes to a board meeting.

After the meeting, he approaches his assistant and asks, "Did you shred that item I gave you?" and she says, "I certainly did, Mr Bitterman!"

"Wheeew," sighed the executive.

"But just in case you change your mind," the assistant begins, "I made a copy of the documents and put them in your bin in the mail room!"