Tuesday, December 20, 2005

pet peeve #3

It really peeves me that my computer does what it wants to do, and not necessarily what I want it to do.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

not a problem

We went to a restaurant tonight. Great steak house; we go there often.

Tonight our server was capable; not great, but adequate. He did do one thing that's annoying.

By definition, a server is constantly performing operations for which we would normally offer thanks - bringing us our drinks, the bread, our soups and salad, the entrees, you get the idea. Each time we politely said "thank you," as has been customary, and each time he cheerfully responded, "Not a Problem!"

I estimate that during the course of our meal, we naturally provided at least twelve opportunities for this young man to respond to our "thanks," or "thank yous," and each time, he responded the same.

"Not a Problem!"

You might predict that what I found annoying was this gentleman's lack of creativity. Can he not think of any way to add variety from the myriad of responses available to "thank you"?

But that was not my concern. What I found annoying was that he believed we might find it problematic that he were to serve us.