Thursday, April 27, 2006

billion with a b

Remember when it was fashionable to use the phrase "billion with a b"? The intent was to avoid the misconception that the speaker had a head cold and was really saying 'million,' but due to sinus congestion, it came out sounding more like 'billion.'

Now that Americans are used to seeing the word billion without batting an eye, what's next?

"trillion with a TR"?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

men stink

Men stink. They do! And they don't care if they do, either. I walk every day at lunch. Sometimes others join me. I have had more than one occasion when a woman refused to walk with me because "it is too hot and I will smell and I have a meeting soon after."

A man doesn't care how he smells. He really doesn't. I have walked when it was nearly one hundred degrees out. Walked at noon. Probably smelled like the dickens when I walked back into the office. Don't care.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

high cost of prescription medication

Drug manufacturers have tried to justify the high costs of prescription medication by stating that you are not paying for the cost of producing the pills, which is not all that costly, but to pay for research and development of more powerful medications for other illnesses.

There are medications for some illnesses which costs over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Of course, the patient doesn't pay a hundred grand - you and I do through higher insurance premiums.

I'd like to meet that patient for whom I am helping to pay such a prescription bill. I have no problem with helping him live a long and happy life - something that may not have been possible years ago before this modern technology in pharmaceutical care.

I'm just kind of hoping that since I am helping him, maybe he can come by and give me a hand.

My lawn could use a good mowing.

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