Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ladies in, men out

Several years ago when I was on the road, I stopped into a customer's office to perform a service call. I asked to use the restroom and the receptionist stated it was down the hall, to the left. So I went down the hall, and I saw two sets of double doors. The first set said Ladies In and Ladies Out, so I went to the second set. They were labeled Ladies Out and Men Out.

I pondered this for a moment, and then asked myself, "Where do the men go in??" A reasonable question, I thought. So I returned to the reception desk and told her of my dilemma.

She kind of chuckled to herself. I imagined, (or at least hoped,) that she got this kind of question often.

"This warehouse," she began, "staffs 400 women and about eight men. Therefore, most of the bathrooms are for women. On the door is a slider. If it says In, there's someone in there. If it says Out, it's free."

So basically, in this particular case there was a lady in the first room, and the other two ladies rooms and the only mens room in that wing were empty.

Was I embarrassed.