Saturday, March 10, 2007

choose company names wisely

Again from our local paper, excerpts from an article about a company that sells stripper poles, (oops - excuse me - "dance" poles,) for your living room:

FRESNO, CALIF. - A new export is taking hold in a tiny industrial park in east Fresno, Calif.: stripper poles.

Pacific International Marketing & Promotions (yes, PIMP) manufactures the Lil' Mynx stainless steel dance pole. Designed for the average living room, the poles are easily installed and can be removed in seconds in case the Avon lady stops by.

. . .

He and his wife hope to have the poles and the exercise videos sold in Target and Wal-Mart someday. And that means the marketing must be clean. They call the pole a dance pole, not a stripper pole.

Uh, Randy, you might also want to change the name of your company if you want to get into Walmart.



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